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Q: What’s at is Your availability, Goddess?

A: In any country I am traveling, my avability is from 12pm  up to 11pm incalls Monday to Sunday.

Q: Mistress EmperatriX, how can I arrange for a session with You?

A: To avoid disappointment email me with 1 day before and then, if we agree I will give you the other instructions . Be polite, friendly, and volunteer your name and age and the rest ( CHECK THE BOOKING SECTION). Reconfirm with 1 hour before the time we agreed to session by calling Me .

Q:When I call You what do You need to know from me, Goddess?

A:I need to be assured that you have read My website with the basic details .

Q: Can I contact you from a withheld number, payphone, email or text message?

A: I prefere emails if is a advance booking but for confirmation of the booking I prefere calls from mobile phone numbers.

Q: Your Highness, Do you tour?

A: I am touring often . You should always check my Twitter and website . I do tours in Europe and in Middle East country’s.

Q: My Goddess, Can I go through all my requests in detail over the phone, via email or text ?


Q: My Goddess, what is the best way to conduct myself when in session with you?

A: I am very strict when it comes to my schedule. I want you to be ON TIME and respect exactly my instructions. Be friendly, communicative and polite at all times, and maybe check my wishlist before a session and make come true some wishes . Any Mistress appreciate that . Also be aware that I have the right to choice my subs and I am very selective . If you will give me any reason to doubt your intentions the session will be cancel and never have the chance to see me again.

Q: Your Highness, Do You hate men?

A: I love men, in particular submissive men. Man are like desert for Me.

Q: Your Exellence , what makes you such a unique Mistress?

A: In my opinion a Mistress should be a woman that in real life make people turn the head when she is walking somewhere. Attract people like a magnet and make them do her wishes only from just looking at them or give them a smile. That’s me! I am beautiful and a natural real woman that is very hard to get. A woman that you know  you will never have in your real life. But I am offering you the chance to be in my presence, in a session . Giving you  the most professional and special treatment that no other Mistress can offer you. From sensual tease and denial to hard punishment.

Q: Queen Emperatrix can I become Your long-term slave?

A: Well, this is something that I am trying to built with any of my subs. But this kind of relationship we can devolep, only,  in time depending also about our comune wishes and chemistry.

Q: Mistress EmperatriX do You also enjoy delivering severe punishment?

A: Yes, I enjoy everything from pleasurable to extremely kinky and painful. I am that type of Mistress that can be very classy and sensual wearing my suspenders stockings and stiletto shoes and talking sexy so I can tease you to that bad latex demanding Mistress that will torture you with no mercy !

Q: My beloved Goddess, Will You wear something specific for me?

A: I am always reciving my slaves dressed like a real Mistress. But I can give you the opportunity to talk about this and maybe change into something we both like, check my galleries page to see my outfits.

Q: Mistress EmperatriX , What are the things you don’t do?

A: I don’t accept sessions people that are very intoxicated( by alcohol or drugs). I don’t session with disabled or fake slaves and I do not do anything that is illegal. I DO NOT DO RACIAL OR RELIGIOUS DOMINATION OR SCAT . I don’t do DISCOUNTS.